Assisted Living

Our goal is to ensure that the medication management of the residents is accomplished to promote the safety and independence of the residents.


We are a full-service community pharmacy that has been in New Westminster for over 30 years. Our pharmacy has been voted as the best independent pharmacy located in New Westminster by New West Readers Choice for many years.

What We Do

Senior Care

We take the time to discuss all of your needs. We can help you organize all of the medications you take and any medication-related problems. Our staff have more time to discuss any issues with your medications than the other big busy corporate pharmacies.

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Blister Packs

We provide weekly or monthly blister packs for all your medications. If you have someone who needs help organizing their medications, or who takes a lot of medications, we can provide this service and deliver to your home. This helps reduce medication errors and improves compliance.

Med Reviews

We can review all of your medications to see if there are any drug-related problems, or problems with prescription coverage to help reduce cost. We review all your medications for side effects and drug-drug interactions. We make recommendations regarding your medications or contact your physician for any required changes.

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To help manage your medications, we will contact your doctor’s office for refills, and with certain medications, we can “adapt” the prescription so you can continue until your next appointment with your doctor.


We provide injection services for all vaccines and injections that can be given by our certified injection pharmacists. We also offer flu shots during flu shot season on walk-in-basis.

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Drug Coverage

We accept all extended health care plans and will contact your plan to ensure drug coverage. We will also contact your doctor for special authority to ensure they are covered if applicable.

Medication Disposal

We can provide free medication returns for outdated medications that are disposed of properly. We can also arrange home pick up of expired medications that need disposal.

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Daily Dispense

We provide daily dispense services for patients with mental health or addictions.

  • Record Readers' Choice

    Record Readers' Choice

    Voted the best Drugstore by the readers of the Record
  • Readers' Choice Award 2017

    Readers' Choice Award 2017

    Best Drugstore, New Westminster by Legislative Assembly of British Columbia

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